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Loganberry Sponge Candy
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Savor the best of Buffalo with Loganberry Sponge Candy. A fusion of two beloved favorites, it marries the classic allure of loganberry with the delicate crunch of sponge candy, all cloaked in smooth milk chocolate. Indulge in this unique and irresistible treat that captures the essence of a two buffalo classics.

Forest Bark
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Indulge in our Milk Chocolate Forest Bark! Combining a hint of cinnamon, crunchy hazelnut pieces, and juicy cranberries, it's a sweet and savory treat perfect for any occasion. Satisfy your cravings with the perfect balance of creamy, nutty, and fruity. Enjoy!


WAHL'S is by far the best chocolatier ever! I've lived and shared this candy with family & friends my entire life. 


Best sponge candy ever. My sister bought me a box for Christmas. I knew what it was when I shook it! Yummy


I’ve been getting Wahl's chocolate hearts forever! Can’t wait to come in. Best orange chocolate ever!


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