High Cocoa Content Dark Chocolate Bars

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High Cocoa Content Dark Chocolate Bars

Three varieties of high quality dark chocolate to choose from…
•    Saint Domingue  -- Vinous and fruity, with a dense and complex flavor profile, this bittersweet chocolate is a good choice to pair with coffee or a dry red wine.  Min. 70% cocoa content.

•    Marbella -- This is a strong bittersweet chocolate with minimal sweetness. Great for those following a Keto diet or trying to minimize sugar intake while still getting th health benefits associated with dark chocolate. The final step for dark chocolate aficionados! Min. 80% cocoa content.

•    Cambra  -- A classic bittersweet chocolate with a direct, uncomplicated chocolate flavor.  Min. 72% cocoa content.
•    Adair -- This Semi-sweet chocolate has a mild, rich flavor and is a good choice for those who are just beginning to enjoy Dark Chocolate.  Min. 56% cocoa content

Delivered in bars from 6oz. to 8 oz.  Listed price reflects an 8 oz. bar.

*** Note this product is priced at $22.70per pound. Weights vary and the price on you invoice may differ slightly from the order total displayed in your shopping cart.